Our Story


In early 2015 our team had the vision to make a difference. Our hearts were drawn toward poverty alleviation, but we knew that we had to do something more than just writing a check. After receiving a box of handmade jewelry from an artisan friend in Ghana, the idea was sparked… to create a business that treats poverty at the core, the lack of a job. After looking within our teams’ internal resources, processes, and passions, they decided to launch a non-profit organization. Mission Made was created to sell handmade goods to support job creation and community development. The team began working with artisan groups from all over the world, selling items online, through events, and fundraisers.  


After a year working with artisan partners around the globe, our team decided to take an intentional step visiting some of our groups. In June 2016 the Mission Made team took their first trip to Haiti alongside our ministry partner, Haiti Awake. It was during this trip that we decided to take on a more focused approach to our artisan relationships. We had to come to grips with the fact that we couldn’t provide a job for everyone in need, everywhere, but we could focus on providing sustainable and extensive impact for a few concentrated groups and communities in a country that we love. Since returning from that trip, Mission Made has focused extensively on creating economic development opportunities throughout Haiti, and furthermore, we have taken the opportunity to build authentic and life-long friendships with the artisan groups. 


We travel throughout Haiti to identify artisan entrepreneurs who share our dream of creating beautiful products that support community development. We build relationships to ensure that our artisans are provided with fair, sustainable, and safe jobs. We focus on designing and producing beautiful and affordable products that our customers will love wearing day-after-day. At Mission Made, we focus above all on creating and maintaining relationships that help make our world a better and brighter place.


MISSION - Every product supports fair and sustainable job creation.

MADE - Products are created using locally sourced materials through traditional crafting techniques, ensuring our artisan's cultural values are maintained.


Creating Jobs. Restoring Hope. Empowering People.